FRONTLINE is Hospitality, Ushers, Greeters and Safety.  This ministry is the smiling face, firm handshake, loving embrace, and the strong supporting shoulder of the church.


The hospitality branch of the FRONTLINE Ministry is a great place for husband and wives, mother and daughters, father and sons, or best friends to serve.  Those serving in hospitality are responsible for preparing beverages and refreshments before the church services; as well as assisting with meals during special church functions.  The hospitality service is a wonderful place to share the stories of the week, exchange praise reports, and love on the fellow church members and visitors.


The purpose of the Usher/Safety Ministry is to serve the people and help maintain order before, during, and after each service. The goals are to meet and greet all those attending our services and to assist them in any way necessary to ensure they have a pleasant experience in our service.  To assist the pastoral staff as well as all other ministries of Liberty Church to ensure that every aspect of our services flow smoothly and to provide a safe, secure atmosphere for worship by monitoring the auditorium, hallways, classrooms, and outside perimeter of the building, to ensure a distraction free place of worship, all in a spirit excellence. 


The first people a visitor or new member comes in contact with when they enter the church.  Greeters are one of our most valued parts of the FRONTLINE Ministry.  Within the first few minutes of being received by the greeters a person has decided whether they will stay or leave the church.  Greeters carry that responsibility to initiate contact and bestow love.  They do this by a smiling face, handshake, or a loving hug.


We are excited that you are interested in being a part of the ministry! Visit the Ministry of Helps tab for more information!