• "The Power of Choice" listen

    Steve Smith - June 28, 2020

    Have you ever thought about how you got to where you are? Every choice you've made had set you on...
  • "Dads and Dreams" listen

    Pastor Scott Page - June 21, 2020

    Are dreams simply a byproduct of REM sleep or is there more to it? In this Father's Day 2020...
  • "No Going Back" listen

    Sabrina Klassen - June 14, 2020

    What should the Church do when things are headed in a different direction than expected? Sabrina...
  • "Victory Over the Vicious Waves" listen

    Pastor Scott Page - June 07, 2020

    "So vicious waves are scary, it's not like I live by the water..." What if you've been battling...